Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vendors, we need you!!

Calling all farmers, handcrafters, greenhouses, direct sales (we already have Paparazzi and Mary Kay), jams, jellies, pickles... any thing you can dream up really. 

The Oregon Agriculture rules are linked on anther blog on this site. Pretty much nothing illegal, immoral, or controlled substances. Yeah, bummer for anyone growing that crop, but we also don't want to get shut down or have anyone arrested.

The cost of a booth is still at $10 for a 10x10 space per week. You can pay as you go and fill out the application. If you want to read the rules and look the application over, they are just a few weeks back in this blog.

We're open now through the end of September every Saturday morning in the parking lot by the Old Goble Tavern.

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